Rankin Industries offers an innovative road paving solution for Jacksboro and Jack County, Texas, using a unique process that mixes road glue with gravel and dirt to create a durable alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete paving.

Rankin Industries: Pioneers in Road Glue Technology

Rankin Industries is a pioneer in eco-friendly road construction, utilizing advanced polymer glue technology to pave roads in Jacksboro and Jack County, Texas. This innovative approach offers several advantages over traditional paving methods. By mixing the road glue with locally sourced gravel and dirt, Rankin Industries is able to create durable, long-lasting roads that are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than asphalt or concrete. The company’s commitment to sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology has positioned them as leaders in the road construction industry, providing Jacksboro and Jack County with high-quality, reliable road infrastructure.

Benefits of Road Glue Over Traditional Asphalt

Road glue offers several advantages over traditional asphalt paving. Unlike asphalt, which is made from oil-based bonding agents, road glue is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option. Road glue is also more cost-effective in the long run, as it requires less maintenance and repair compared to asphalt roads that are prone to cracking, potholes, and other damage from wear and tear. Additionally, road glue provides a stronger and more durable road surface by creating a tight bond between the gravel and dirt particles, resulting in a stable base that can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. Rankin Industries’ road glue technology is revolutionizing road construction in Jacksboro and Jack County, Texas, by offering a superior alternative to traditional asphalt paving.

Ranch Road Paved for Rank Equine

Rankin Industries recently completed a 3/4-mile ranch road project for Rank Equine in Jacksboro, Texas, utilizing their innovative road glue technology. By mixing the road glue with the existing gravel and dirt on the property, Rankin Industries created a durable, long-lasting road surface that provides a more permanent solution compared to traditional ranch road construction methods.┬áThis project showcases the versatility of Rankin Industries’ road glue technology, demonstrating its effectiveness not only on public roads but also on private ranch roads in Jack County. The newly paved ranch road will provide Rank Equine with a stable, reliable surface that can withstand heavy traffic from vehicles and horses alike while requiring minimal maintenance over time.

Free Online Driveway Estimator

Road Paving Cost Estimator

Rankin Industries offers a convenient and free online tool for customers in Jacksboro and Jack County, Texas, to easily obtain estimates for their driveway paving projects. The user-friendly driveway cost calculator, available at https://rankinindustries.com/tool-to-compare-driveway-costs/, allows customers to input their driveway dimensions and receive an instant quote for using Rankin Industries’ innovative road glue technology. This tool takes into account factors such as the size of the driveway and the local cost of materials to provide accurate estimates, enabling customers to make informed decisions about their paving projects. By offering this free online resource, Rankin Industries demonstrates its commitment to transparency and customer service, making it simple for residents of Jacksboro and Jack County to explore the benefits of road glue technology for their driveways.