Eco Friendly Road Construction

 We install or repair roads of all types with an alternative to asphalt and petroleum products. Our paving company offers a more durable road at less cost than asphalt and nasty petroleum based materials. We do ranch roads, driveways, private roads, airport strips, helipads, oilpads, oil sites and any many other types of applications.  


In the age of polymers there has been a road glue developed that binds and seals dirt and gravel in a way that rivals asphalt and concrete. Concrete may be superior, in some ways, but at a huge cost. The economical choice for years has been asphalt. But asphalt sticks to tires and gets soft in the hot Summer months. When large trucks or heavy vehicles travel on it it pushes the asphalt around and eventually creates ruts and pot holes. Asphalt is a petroleum based product that pollutes the area that it is placed. When rain washes off the asphalt and into creeks and ponds, it creates a toxic environment for animals. This is why most ranches just use gravel and endure lots of dust over the years. Gravel also requres a lot of repairs and maintenance over the years. We have a much better way to create these roadways and bases without the use of asphalt or petroleum products. This solution is also extremely low in dust production. The military has used this product directly on dirt and sand to make landing strips for huge airplanes bringing in supplies in the midle east. It proved to be extremely durable and very low in dust.  Here is a great article about “How to Pave My Driveway” that shows a way to use the road glue. 


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We know that the water based polymer glue road is a better solution than asphalt. But wait, there is more….. This type of road is less expensive than asphalt. Finally there is a great option that performs better than asphalt and it comes in at a better cost than asphalt. To maintain the new type of road, is fairly easy. Each year, have us come out and spray a layer of glue over the surface to add to the seal coat of your road or pad. This yearly maintenance is very easy and inexpensive to apply. Here is an example of a mile of road using the leading three types of road materials.

per square foot concrete = $18       1 mile x 10′ wide = $950,400 concrete

per square foot of asphalt = $7      1 mile x 10′ wide = $369,600 asphalt

per square foot of road glue eco polymer = $2.00      1 mile x 10′ wide = $105,600 road glue

These are examples to show you the average costs of these 3 types of roads that are built today. We do not have any minimum size of project. We do jobs as small as driveways for your home. We also work with developers that are needing to create roads inside their developments.



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