Browning X-Bolt, Hell’s Canyon Long Range, Bolt Action, 300 Win, 26″ Barrel, Burnt Bronze, ATACS AU Composite Stock, 3Rd 035499229

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The bolt-action rifle was forever changed with the introduction of the Browning X-Bolt. The X-Bolt builds on the proven successes of past Browning rifles” and adds numerous improvements that place the X-Bolt at the top of any side by side comparison. For the hunter that likes to shoot and shoot long. Do you shoot all year long and love the sound of lead hitting steel at over a thousand yards away? Do you put in hours behind the trigger” practicing the fundamentals of marksmanship and learning to read the wind? Do you like the option to choose between established and proven cartridges as well the newest non-belted magnums that offer superior ballistic coefficients and velocities in a standard length action? This is the rifle for you. Built on the most popular X-Bolt rifle ever” the Hell’s Canyon Speed” the Hell’s Canyon Long Range takes the same winning features and adds a heavy sporter contour barrel for increased long range accuracy.

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