Crimson Trace LASERGRIP MILSPEC BER 92/96 Black


Crimson Trace Corporation Hi-Brite Mil-Spec LaserGrip, Fits Beretta 92/96, Black, Rubber Wraparound LG-402M

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LG-402M laser sights for Beretta 92″ 92-A1″ 96 and M9 are designed specifically for the demands of military use. This model exceeds MIL-STD-810F standards for waterproofing” dust/salt/fog resistance and high/low temperature operation. Compared to our standard LG-302 Lasergrips(R) for Beretta” this model features a more prominent rubber-overmolded front activation switch and aggressive textured side-panels” which are designed for maximum control with or without gloves. Under extreme testing” the LG-402M worked flawlessly under adverse conditions” providing instinctive activation and fast” accurate target acquisition.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5.3 × 3.3 × 2.2 in


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